Paddle Surf & Kayaker Testimonies

Its a pretty strong plastic container that fits fairly snuggly against the small of your back whilst strapped around the waist with a strong nylon weave belt with quick release clip,It is capable of carrying quite a few items, keys,phone,and camera all fit inside though an 85mm dia hole that is secured water tight with a strong plastic cap that twists into position and seals with an internal O ring.the cap does require a bit of finger strength but if you spray the O ring with some furniture polish this loosens it nicely without comprimising the seal.all in all i find that this bumbag will be very useful for flatwater touring.

Used my waterproof bum bag on Sunday for the first time, doing a 8 mile downwinder at Bournemouth I must admit It performed brilliantly. I put my Iphone and a £10.00 note and electronic car key in it and all were fine and dry at the end. (more than could be said for one guy who put his key in clingfilm and stuffed it in a wetsuit pocket, he didnt know I had a waterproof Bag... he does now!

Got mine thanks very much, Iv'e showed it to a few mates who seem very impressed...I have tried it once so far and found that it does everything claimed and I think its best asset is its simplicity, easy on & easy off and holds all you really need for most average length outings in a simple to close sealed unit. No leaks when submerged for over a minute and bounced nicely on the water, so jobs a good [one] as far as I`m concerned!

So far I've had it in my kayak, carrying various bit and bobs whilst surfing in Newgale on the weekend. The good thing about [it] in that scenario was that it's crush proof. We use air bags in the stern of our kayaks, which we inflate. These prevent water from filling the kayak should one capsize and have to exit the craft. Usually, if I use a dry bag, I run the risk of the air bag squeezing the contents, but as the Seacure is rigid, all was good!

Commercial Testimonies

I found the product to be as described, it is 100% waterproof, dustproof and crushproof and kept the contents safe and secure. The opening was wide enough to fit my possessions in and the seal was good and even after a few uses did not require re-greasing. I feel that in the recreational kayaking/canoeing market (placid water) this product does have potential...the recreational kayaking market is the fastest growing area of our sport, with people taking to sheltered waterways, lakes and the sea at an alarming pace and a product like this, marketed at the price you quoted me could do very well indeed, best of luck!

Many thanks

Tom McLay
National White Water Centre
Canolfan Tryweryn
United Kingdom

"On Wednesday the 8th of April2009, I conducted a tank test of the Seacure Waterproof Safe Case. The bag was submerged in a 3.9 meter pool by lead weights for 1 hour and then for a further 3 hours. At the end of both the tests I found the items left in bag to be completely dry. No water was found in the compartment."

Gena Williams.
Seal and Otter Trainer
Underwater World
Sunshine Coast

"We have recently purchased a number of the Seacure bum bags to use as personal waterproof first aid equipment containers. They have proven to be very successful, as being air tight and of solid construction, staff are not only able to keep their safety equipment dry, they are also able to take mobile phones or two way radios with them if need be. I can highly recommend the Seacure bags as a great option for a waterproof and solid portable container.

Ross Ogilvie
West Lakes Aquatic Centre
Government of South Australia
Department of Education & Children's Services

"The Seacure Bum Bag performs wonderfully and you can fit most anything in it; from car keys, to cell phones and small hand-held GPS devices as well as food and first aid supplies, and they're kept secure and dry."

Samantha Rogers
Outdoor Adventure Canada

Seacure Waterproof Safe Case - For Extreme Protection...... just wear it!